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Specialists in translating and interpreting services for businesses, professionals and the general public.

Working through over 150 outstanding professional native-speaker translators and interpreters, we can handle projects of all kinds and for all linguistic areas, from the translation of a standard

brochure to the most technical, complex texts, the supply of interpreters for B2B meetings, or the organisation of multilingual simultaneous translation for company conventions or international congresses.

Quality and experience

We provide your business with a reliable, constant partner.

Tradex’s small size means hands-on quality and control. Many of our clients have been with us since the early years, and we are proud of our in-depth knowledge of their history, habits and specific needs, enabling us to offer a truly bespoke service.

New clients, on the other hand, benefit from all our tools and experience, and can count on a precise, effective service. Starting from a preliminary examination of existing translated material to ensure continuity of terminology, we dialogue with clients directly and in real time if any points in the text require further clarification, and once the job has been completed we are eager to obtain feedback, as a key source of further improvement.



In thirty years in operation, we have worked with hundreds of clients, managed jobs of every kind and size, and gained experience in many different industries and segments.

We know that every job has its own complexities and must be tackled with the right skills.

We are aware that for purely technical texts it makes economic sense to use the latest technologies to optimise times and costs, while for creative materials trans-creation and localisation, involving cultural as well as linguistic adaptation, are required, and it takes time for the right translation to evolve.

Our ability to tackle every job with care and the right tools has earned us an excellent reputation with clients in a variety of industries, both locally and nationwide.

Mechanical Engineering . Construction . Civil Engineering . Energy . IT . Yachting . Food . Cosmetics . Tourism . 

Mechanical Engineering . Construction . Civil Engineering . Energy . IT . Yachting . Food . Cosmetics . Tourism . 



Our professional translators only translate into their native languages and have many years’ experience in a variety of technical sectors.

Tradex manages multilingual technical documentation, such as manuals or technical specifications, with the aid of professional tools to optimise quality, times and costs.

When starting work with a new client, Tradex always suggests the exchange and validation of a specific glossary, or requests contacts for additional information and terminology inputs, to ensure that the end result is tailored to the client’s needs.

The use of computer-aided translation (CAT) tools and final revision by Tradex staff prior to delivery guarantee a precise result with uniform vocabulary.


Make sure your message gets across just as you meant it!

The global market demands multilingual communication. Tradex offers a team of expert translators who can handle marketing documentation such as catalogues, company profiles, websites and press releases, and also advertising and creative texts, including slogans and taglines, never forgetting cultural specificities and linguistic efficacy. Supplying a good translation is our job, but with trans-creation we’ll make it special.

You can always contact us for advice or to explain what you’re looking for; our policy is to dialogue with client and build lasting, fruitful relationships, to deliver continual improvement.


Legal translations and related services for businesses, law firms and the general public, with the utmost confidentiality and prompt delivery guaranteed.

Texts of this kind are particularly complex, and slightly more time may be necessary, but clients can count on us for an accurate job, produced by an experienced, reliable translator, delivered on schedule. Our professionals have the expertise for full understanding and correct translation of legal texts, bearing in mind the different legal traditions and forms.

The documentation we regularly translate for our clients ranges from corporate deeds and documents (articles of association, notary-witnessed deeds, company mergers and powers of attorney) to agreements and contracts of various kinds (non-disclosure, licensing, agency, sale) and judicial documents such as sentences, appeals, writs of summons and injunctions.

If the translated document has to have the same value as the original in international transactions, we are able to produce sworn translations for use abroad through authentication or the addition of a Hague Apostille.

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Qualified professional interpreters of proven experience can assist you both at informal meetings and in negotiations with small groups of people, and at large events requiring translation organised with the use of specific equipment (simultaneous translation booths, infoport systems).

In the interpreting sector, it is easy to underestimate the formality of a meeting, or the knowledge of specific vocabulary required. We’ll pinpoint your needs to make sure you have exactly the assistance you require; you’ll only have to answer a few simple questions!

· Liaison
In liaison interpreting, the interpreter’s job is to make sure that a small number of people who speak different languages understand each other.

· Simultaneous
Simultaneous interpreting is the provision of a spoken translation in a soundproofed booth with headphones and a microphone.

· Consecutive
Consecutive interpreting is provided in the physical presence of the parties concerned; the interpreter listens to the speaker and translates what they say, section by section, accurately into the other language.

· Chuchotage or whispered
The interpreter whispers the translation of what the speaker is saying into the listener’s ear.


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